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Event of the Week: Yarram Football and Netball Club Queensland Getaway Raffle

The tickets were a hit, made us look professional.

~Michelle Graham, Yarram Football & Netball Club

On 30 July, the Yarram Football & Netball Club held a raffle for a Queensland Getaway. The organizers chose the Beach Raffle Ticket, which features bright blue skies and water and a fantastic white sandy shoreline. Each ticket is individually numbered and has enough space for information about the raffle and a detachable stub on which participants can share their contact information for the draw.

“We are ‘Yarram Football Netball Club,’ a rural Aussie Rules Football & Netball Club in Gippsland, Victoria,” Michelle told me. The club is a part of the Alberton Football league.

How did Michelle and the team sell tickets to the raffle? Everyone got involved. “The tickets were distributed as 2 books per player across our club to sell and most got returned.” There was a healthy spirit of competition among those selling the tickets, which also helped ensure ticket sales. “We offered a prize for the ‘most’ books sold in the senior section and junior section. One of our juniors sold ten books whilst a hotly contested senior race was won by our secretary selling 33 books and one of our players 25.”

How did the players and the rest of the organization find folks to sell tickets to? They took the tickets to the people! “Tickets were sold in pubs on a Friday night, on busy shopping days out the front of our local supermarket, and on our last day at, our football gate.”

“The draw took place at our final end of year home game function which we call ‘Ragin Red.’ Our club colours are red, so the home room was decorated in red balloons and crepe paper and streamers which added a real party atmosphere.”

The main prize for the raffle was a Queensland Getaway to the Majorca Island Resort, but there were other prizes, too. “The raffle was drawn at 9 pm and then straight afterwards we auctioned off a pink football from the Pink Footy Day and a special ‘Beyond Blue’ jumper from events played throughout the year.” Pink Footy Day is an event that aims to raise breast cancer awareness. On that day participating football and netball clubs use pink balls in play. The Beyond Blue jumper is worn as part of a campaign to raise awareness about depression.

Organizers were able to draw participants in with a grand prize, and they were also able to provide a few extras that evoke cherished memories of the team and the season.

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