Event of the Week: Bombs Away, Wild Night Tour in Tasmania


Electro Dance Music Promotion: A Sold Out Event

Bombs Away, Wild Nights Tour was hosted in Hobart, Tasmania by Frathouse-NFW Touring and Events on 20 April, 2012. “We tour and host a variety of artists, bands, and festivals around the southern part of the state,” said Adrian Barrett, co-founder of the company. “We are not limited in what type of genres we promote, but believe in bringing quality performances to our patrons.”

Bombs Away, Wild Nights Tour was one of the many tours the company does each year. Bombs Away is an electro dance duo, touring as part of the “Wild Nights 2012” CD launch. “After their fantastic performance at Breath of Life Festival, we had to have them back for a show,” said Barrett. “It was their first time in Hobart and it was a sold out event.”

Sold out events are the goal of many event planners and producers, and Frathouse-NFW Touring and Events used several strategies to make it happen. They got the word out on promoter networks and Facebook, and sold tickets from Eventgroove. “We believe in our product, so the biggest thing we need in our tickets is for them non-copyable,” said Barrett. “We sell them from generally two venues, plus our promoter network. So having that, plus numbers, is a big part to our strategy.”

Events like Bombs Away, Wild Nights Tour can be chaotic, but Barrett found the ticketing straightforward and simple. He found that for this kind of event, physical tickets worked better than online ones. “Us having the tickets in our hands allowed things to go more smoothly than ever before,” said Barrett, noting that it can be hard to manage online tickets with the door list, and allows people who don’t know the event to end up with tickets. “We have used other ticketing companies and found it hard to control what is happening,” said Barrett. He liked the tickets themselves, too. “The tickets are simple but detailed, cost effective, and non-copyable.”

Barrett advises those planning similar events to plan ahead and stay positive. “Write it down, think it through, and on the night don’t panic,” he said, “Positive energy out, positive energy back.”

The sold-out event was a huge success. “ floor was bouncing in time to the music!” said Barrett. Frathouse-NFW Touring and Events plans to do more with Bombs Away. “We will be bringing them back later in the year with their live band,” said Barrett.

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