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Inspired by the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Enjoy Foodie Culture with Invitations and Flyers

By Monique Jones for Eventgroove

If you’re a foodie, then you are probably aware of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. The festival, which started on the 28th of February, just ended this Sunday. However, just because the festival is over doesn’t mean the foodies now have no other place to go to experience the latest in gastronomy. There are surely more food festivals where the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival came from, and if you’re planning your own food festival, check out the different types of food-themed posters and invitations we have at Eventgroove.

Is your festival and event more Italian in theme? Take a look at our Spaghetti Poster. The fun poster features a red-check background and an artistically-styled fork that has a good mouthful of spaghetti twirled around it. This spaghetti creates its own curly design that adds even more fun to the poster. The poster features spots for six custom images, so you can put all of your and your sponsors’ logos with ease. To bring the whole event together, you might want to also use the matching Spaghetti Invitations.

If the food-centered event you’re having is a classy, black-tie affair, then you might like to use our Dinner Dance Flyer. The flyer features a sumptuously-dressed woman with cocktail gloves in front of an expensive looking table setting. The flyer provides ample space for you to provide information about the event as well as six spaces for photos and custom logos.

For those who are having a Mexican or party-themed food festival, then you will definitely love the Mas Cervezas Flyer. As the title suggests, the poster prominently features an icy beverage as well as a colorful lime.  There are six spaces for logos and photos, so you and your sponsors will have tons of promotion options. For matching invitations, take a look at the Mas Cervezas Invitation.

The Margarita Beach Party Flyer isn’t the only summer-themed flyer or ticket you can choose from. There is also Picnic General Admission Ticket. To say the ticket prominently features watermelon is an understatement. The ticket is chock full of watermelon, making the ticket virtually scream summer fun. If you’re not having a festival (the mock version of this ticket naturally suggests a watermelon festival), this ticket would be great for a farmers’ market or even a summer party.

With these options, you’re sure to have a great food festival!

If you were having a food festival, what kind of food would you showcase? Talk about it in the comments section!

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