Event of the Week: Annual Shopping Spree


The Australian Breastfeeding Association Celebrates Motherhood with Their Annual Shopping Spree

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) has a special event each year celebrating motherhood and childrearing. The Annual Shopping Spree, held last year on the 11th of November and held again later this year, offers dinner and drinks as well as a chance to win raffle prizes.

The ABA is, according to its website, the country’s largest service featuring breastfeeding support and information. The organisation was founded in 1964 by six mothers in Melbourne. Originally called the Nursing Mothers’ Association, the organisation helped mothers with the challenges of breastfeeding. Today, the association features over 1,100 volunteer breastfeeding educators and counsellors who are also mothers and have a Certificate IV in Breastfeeding Education.

Angela Devlin, group leader and counsellor for the association, wrote in an email interview that the event is a “ocal shopping spree with local shops where they open up specially for our group and give a discount for shoppers ranging from 10% to 30%.”

To promote the event, Devlin wrote the association used “lyers, tickets when they were sold, Facebook,” citing that Facebook itself was a “really great” promotional tool. It also helps that the event itself is connected to a well-established group; the audience for the event is already built in thanks to the work the organisation does to help mothers on a daily basis.

Devlin wrote the event was “ery successful,” stating that 170 tickets were sold. One of the best parts of the event was the supper itself, which included “homemade slices pastries.” The raffle was also a highlight, as well as the purchases made at each stop of the shopping spree.

The Annual Shopping Spree’s raffle was greatly helped by the tickets used. The tickets were used as the way to find their special door prize winner. “They saved time as the ‘butt’ component of the ticket was able to be broken off and this became our lucky door prize , so the number on the ticket matched the ‘butt,’” wrote Devlin.

If you’re planning a similar event to the ABA’s shopping spree, Devlin wrote that starting early is essential. “Plan the event well good advertisement and start early with planning.”

If you want to learn more about the ABA and their resources, visit their website.

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