Event of the Week: Australia Day Yacht Party


The Star Wharf Hosts Titanium 2 Australia Day Weekend Concert Party

This past Australia Day was celebrated in style with the 27th of January’s Titanium 2 Australia Day Weekend concert party. The private event took place at The Star Wharf on the yacht, the Lady Rose. The event turned out to be a great way to spend the day with friends, good music, and fun dancing.

The dance party harbour cruise was organized by Simonne Poole and Marc Ellis. “We are a couple that organise dance party cruises for our friends,” said Poole. “We started doing the event to have people we wanted, good tunes and an awesome environment—to have fun!”

In order to spread the word about the event, the internet was heavily used. “We friends and friends of friends through Facebook,” said Poole. The Facebook page acted as the hub for the event, and included pictures of the tickets, information about the party, and more. Poole also said word of mouth was also used to get the message out.

At the party, DJs Greg Boladian, Haney D and Klimax provided the jams, and people were able to mingle with friends (and friends of friends). “The highlight was that everyone had fun!” said Poole when asked about what parts of the night stood out. However, the weather stood out in a bad way. “t poured!” she said. “ was still a success, though!”

For anyone else planning a party, Poole said it’s best to “give yourself plenty of time.” It’s also great to have “awesome…professional looking” tickets to help the event be the best it possibly can be.

The next time you’re thinking of having some friends over for a party, consider adding water to the mix. If you’ve got the opportunity, a yacht party, like Poole and Ellis’ Titanium 2 Australia Day Weekend concert party, is the way to go to bring excitement and fun to your gathering.

To learn more about Australia Day, click here to visit the official Australia Day website.

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