Event of the Week: Bundoora United Cricket Club Season Opening Raffle


Season Opener with Raffle and Shuffle Support Cricket Club 

Victoria’s own Bundoora United Cricket Club celebrated the beginning of their new season with their Opening Season Raffle the 19th of October. The raffle included prizes such as dinner for eight, Adidas sports goods, a TaylorMade driver and putter, and more. The proceeds from the raffle helped support the club.

Grant Flack, the president of the Bundoora United Cricket Club, talked more about the raffle. “ a raffle designed to get some funds coming into the club at the start of the season,” he said. “ always a lot of expenses and not so much cash flow at the beginning of the season.”

It was rather easy to get the word out about the event using online and old-school methods. In fact, the supporters themselves helped with the promotion. “We used our Club website, and also our Facebook page, but most of the word was spread by the players and supporters.” He said.

The support of the club’s members turned the raffle into a fantastic night of fun and games.  “ great success,” said Flack. “e also had a shuffle night, with random songs being played and prizes won.” The shuffle included 50 songs played at random, with the last song played earning the lucky winner a huge prize–$500.

The best part of the event was getting the club members and their families together. “The event is not just a normal sporting club function, is really designed towards incorporating the wives and partners of the players,” said Flack.

This isn’t the first time the organisation has had this type of event. “his is the 3rd season we have done this and have got it pretty well organized,” said Flack. Since the organisation has experience with these types of events, Flack has some advice for those who want to create their own raffles and sweepstakes. “Plan ahead, get as many people involved as possible,” he said. “Always think and consider what could go wrong.”

The Bundoora United Cricket Club is sure to have a great season with such an awesome opening raffle. Want to get more information about the Bundoora United Cricket Club and how you can support? You can learn more about the cricket club and their upcoming matches and future social events at their website.

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