Event of the Week: Businessman’s Boxing


Ego-Driven Competition for a Great Cause!

When you buy a ticket and look at it for the month or so before the show, it is the face of the show; the first image of the show. It’s the first thing they connect with. It has to portray the image the right way.

~Alex Risby, Businessman’s Boxing

On 4 August, Alex Risby’s organization hosted the Businessman’s Boxing event at the Ivy Room. “I hold a corporate boxing event to raise money for a charity and to give myself added income,” he told me. “It also provides a service where ‘slightly ego-driven’ competitive corporate ‘doers’ can have a go in the ring and have their friends, clients and family support them.

“At the same time I use the opportunity to raise money for a charity. It’s a good deed and many businesses out there love to help when the opportunity is put to them.”

How does Alex sell tickets for the event? He has a very coordinated plan: “I create a few flyers using a graphic designer and campaign, firstly, for fighters by email. I then do the same, once I have the fighters, who I train mostly myself, as a qualified boxing coach, to sell tickets and present the show. I email them to about 300 people and they pass them on. I book a ritzy Sydney location Ivy Ball Room and create tickets to give to people once they buy them.”

For the event, Alex chose the colorful General Concert Ticket, which features a pair of images of the event’s logo as well as information about the event. The ticket has a detachable stub and features individual numbering, so it is easy to keep track of guests and sales.

“I get the fighters to sell tickets to their friends, family and clients. I find that there are some guys who pull an amazing interest and some who pull only a few. But it balances out to fill the room. I also put an ad in a magazine for sales. But mostly it’s the fighters who sell the tickets.”

“The highlight to me is the fundraising. I get a ‘hero page’ created, and as we spend the three months training, we alert people as to what’s going on, and they can donate money online to that fighter as they please.

“On our previous show, we raised $62,000 for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. Amazing.” The Humpty Dumpty Foundation provides support for children in hospitals and health centres across Australia.

“The fights are great to watch too and usually, for the crowd, the highlight is watching their friend/colleague fighting for the good cause.”

For those planning a similar event, Alex advises, “Be methodical. Stay ahead of the tasks. Don’t rely on other people. Know what you need and check everything off. Remain well managed so you can sleep at night.

“Be honest with everyone.”

How did Eventgroove’s products help to enhance the Businessman’s Boxing event? “The tickets are part of the Brand.The show, the event, the tickets, the meals, drinks, service and quality of product are paramount. The venue is very swish. I have to stay on top of the crowd so the tickets have to be iconic…as small a factor as a ticket is, it is a very important one I believe.”

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