Event of the Week: Cappuccino Concerts


Bringing Classical Music to the People

If you’re in the Subiaco area of Perth, Western Australia, you have probably taken advantage of Cappuccino Concerts, an organization that brings the world of classical music to the general population.

Cappuccino Concerts, founded by soloist, recitalist, chamber musician and accompanist Irina Vasileva and journalist, broadcaster and producer Tina Vassiliev-Kern, recruits the best musicians to recreate performances as 19th century music lovers experienced them.

“Cappuccino Concerts style offers a rare chance to experience world-renowned ensembles and soloists in small and intimate venue,” said Vassiliev-Kern, who acts as Cappuccino Concerts’ creative director. “Cappuccino Concerts are all about exposing arts and culture for the appreciation and enjoyment of everyone. They deliver performances worthy of a concert hall style venue, while making them far more affordable, in a more relaxed environment that promotes enjoyment and interaction.”

“ Cappuccino Concerts team recruits top musicians both professional and students reproducing the friendly cheerful atmosphere of 19th century European house concerts and the classical performances at public venues,” she said, quoting the organization’s statement on its official site. “All our concerts feature an expansive repertoire of classical music, accompanied by entertaining commentaries, all in the comfortable and friendly environment. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness of classical music and also a great way to introduce children to classical music and music in general.”

Cappuccino Concerts has held several events this year, and other concerts set to take place this November include “Children’s Corner: Spring into Summer” musical storytelling concert, “A Musical Soufflé,” a “Grove Classics” event featuring a screening of Buster Keaton’s silent comedic film, “Sherlock, Jr.” and a live performance of Katherine Corecig’s new soundtrack by the Viola Dana, and a performance by the Arundo Reed Quintet.

Vassiliev-Kern thanked Eventgroove for their help with many of Cappuccino Concerts’ events. “Many thanks to the Eventgroove team for your highly professional work, with many creative ticket designs to choose from, easy to follow instructions, and highly reliable service,” said Vassiliev-Kern.

Cappuccino Concerts has been successful and bringing the enjoyment and fun of classical music to audiences, and if you’re a classical music lover, Cappuccino Concert events should make you fall in love with the genre even more. If you would like to learn more about Cappuccino Concerts as well as buy tickets for their events, please make sure to visit the Cappuccino Concert’s official site. You can also find Cappuccino Concerts on Twitter @CappConcerts and on Facebook.

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