Event of the Week: Greenthief Rocks Australia With Launch Party


Alt-rock band debuts their latest single to excited crowds

Greenthief has had a great year—not only have they been recording their debut album, but they have also been on several tours, including touring with Australian rock gods The Butterfly Effect. Another thing that made 2012 a great year for the band is celebrating their new single, “Messiah,” with an awesome launch party.

If you aren’t in the know, Greenthief is a three-member alternative rock band comprised of Julian Schweitzer (lead singer and guitarist), Tom Abbott (bass), and Steve Tyssen (drums). The Brisbane, Queensland-based band has developed its own brand of psychedelic rock for indie fans on the East Australian coast, and if you’re a psychedelic rock fan, you might be excited to know that according to the band’s official Facebook page, their sound is “akin to a lovechild of Jeff Buckley and Trent Reznor.”

The tickets for the special event were sold through Greenthief’s page on bigcartel, and ads, physical press and online press were also used to get the word out. “ allowed us to take complete ownership of the event and also helped increased our profit for the night,” said Schweitzer.

According to Schweitzer, the party was a fun success. The biggest highlights of the night were the band’s live performances. “A healthy mob of fans came out and shared the night with us,” he said. “The night ran smoothly so can’t complain.”

Currently, Greenthief is still on their “Mr. Number 1” Tour, so if you missed seeing them earlier, you still have a chance to see them again. For those interested in seeing the band perform live, available dates include:

  • 26th October—The Rocket Room—Perth
  • 27th October—The Brighton—Mandurah
  • 28th October—The Newport—Fremantle

As mentioned above, the band has a Facebook page, so if you’re fan of their smooth psychedelic sounds, make sure to “like” them. The page has tons of information on the band, future launch parties (such as the upcoming The End Is Nigh triple single launch party) and information on the next tour for 2012, The Messiah Tour, which is running through the month of November. Also, make sure to check out their official site (currently featuring their music video for “Mr. Number 1”), follow them on Twitter and take a look at their videos on YouTube. For official Greenthief merchandise and tickets, make sure to visit the band’s bigcartel page.

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