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Indoor Sports Arena Rockhampton Celebrates 30 Years

The Indoor Sports Arena Rockhampton in Rockhampton, Queensland, celebrated 30 years of being a part of the community with their anniversary event. The nighttime event, which took place the 12th of April, gave event-goers an awesome time having fun and placing bets.

Not from Rockhampton and don’t know a lot about the Indoor Sports Arena?  Here are some key facts about the facility. The arena has tons of amenities for many different types of sports. The amenities include three indoor courts for cricket, netball, and soccer, four beach volleyball courts, a swimming pool, and a new state-of-the-art scoring system. Many teams are also supported by the arena, such as men’s, ladies’, mixed, and juniors’ indoor cricket; ladies’, mixed, and juniors’ netball; and mixed, ladies’, and men’s beach volleyball. The arena is also great for family get-togethers—its function room, two bar areas (one with air conditioning and a plasma television), and fully-covered barbeque area can be utilized for parties and other types of events.

“We celebrated 30 years of business by hosting a Casino Night,” said Trent Clarke, the manager and owner of the Indoor Sports Arena. “It was a fantastic night with approximately 100 people attending.”

With the arena being a fixture in the community, the event was one that a lot of people in the area were bound to be interested in. People interested in supporting and celebrating the arena were able to learn more about the event through social media, television, and radio ads as well as through word of mouth and posters.

“ was a great success,” said Clarke. “ raised some well-deserved money for our Junior Sports Program.” The best part of the night, said Clarke, included the casino activities. “The casino section was great,” he said. “Everyone had a great time.” Even better was a surprise that made everyone happy. “We had a surprise engagement,” he said.

The event was great for the arena and those in the community who love the activities and social atmosphere the arena provides. If you’ve got an arena in your neighborhood that you’d like to celebrate with a special event, Clarke advised going the same route he went with, which was using an online ticket service.

What sports complexes or community centers support your community? Which arenas or community centers would you like to celebrate with an anniversary party? Discuss your party ideas in the comments section below.

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