Event of the Week: Jiggy Jiggy Group’s Lead Foot Challenge


Motorsport Event Offers Car Lovers A Fun Time in Caveat

The 6th and 7th and April brought Victoria’s rover lovers together in the Lead Foot Challenge, held at the Mafeking Rover Park in Caveat. Car racers had The Jiggy Jiggy Group to thank for the cool event, which included awesome race courses, a stocked canteen, and, of course, camaraderie between group members.

The Jiggy Jiggy Group, according to Dean Castle, one of the founding members, is part of a much larger car club. “The Jiggy Jiggy Group is a subcommittee of Rover Scout Motorsport, the CAMS Affiliated Car Club of Scouts Australia – Victorian Branch Rover Scouts,” he said.

According to the official site, Rover Scout Motorsport (RSM) manages all of the motorsport-related activities and events including training, junior development programs, living up to its mission statement “o promote and operate the highest quality motorsport events for the Rover Section of Scouts Australia – Victorian Branch.” From 2009 onward, RSM has taken part in the RSM Championship Series and from 2010, RSM has been a part of the RSM Baden Powell Introductory Trial. RSM also participates in Motorkhana and Khanacross events, with members taking part in the Victorian Motorkhana Championship and Regularity Trials.

Castle explained more about the Lead Foot Challenge. “The Lead Foot Challenge is a closed club car racing event that started seven years ago. It is run at the Rover Scouts-owned property, Mafeking Rover Park, in the hills north of Yea, Victoria,” he said. “The event consists of a number of short courses, unsealed tracks, and driving tests.”

Castle said that The Jiggy Jiggy Group used word of mouth and Facebook to get the word out about their event, which, by the way, turned out to be “very successful” and went without a hitch.  “Some first time competitors fourth overall,” he said.

For those with car clubs that want to create an event similar to the Lead Foot Challenge, Castle said that “esearch of regulations and thorough planning” is key to making an event like this work.

If you want to learn more about The Jiggy Jiggy Group and read about the final results from the Lead Foot Challenge, click here to visit the group’s official site and here to visit the official Facebook page. To learn more about Rover Scout Motorsport, click here to get to the official site.

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