Event of the Week: Jimbo, Australia’s Crudest Comedian


Zen and the Art of Stand Up Comedy Ticket Sales

Eventgroove tickets give people the illusion that I’m a big professional outfit.

~ Jimbo, Australia’s Crudest Comedian

When you know you have the talent and the moxie to put on a show, and you want the audience to believe it too, you need to have a professional edge. Entertainer, Jimbo, who describes himself both as Australia’s Crudest Comedian and The Homeless Comedian, has taken that lesson to heart. Professionally printing custom tickets in advance of his shows, he is able to raise his profile with those who come to see them.

“I’m a stand-up comedian who lives on the road touring Outback Pubs. The purpose is to make people laugh!” Jimbo told me. The tickets, in addition to self-marketing, help draw those people in.

For his acts, Jimbo prints the Purple Two Tone General Admission Ticket. Utilising various shades of purple, the ticket features information about each gig. The tickets are individually numbered and feature detachable stubs, which make it easy to keep track of the attendees. Though the ticket design is simple, a custom printed ticket can add an air of legitimacy to any event.

On the road most of the time, Jimbo takes a laid back approach to advertising. “I simply give posters to pubs to put up in their venue and maybe one down at the local shops. If people turn up, I do a show and if not I have a beer with the staff.”

Jimbo travels non-stop through Australia, performing his act along the way. While he’s out to entertain, he’s also out to have a great time. His advice to others pursuing a similar career? “My advice for anyone wanting to do standup comedy in Outback Australia is be prepared for the lean times and the ride of your life.”

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