Event of the Week: Langwarrin Football Club Presentation Night


A Celebration of Athletic Achievement 

The 27th of September was the Langwarrin Football Club’s Presentation Night. The event, held at the Peninsula Golf Club in Frankston, Victoria, honored the club’s achievements of this season.

According to the club’s website, the Langwarrin Football Club was founded in 1920 and played their first Grand Final in 1928, ending their first season as runners up. 1933 saw the disbandment of the club, but the club reformed in 1956. Lloyd Park has remained the home of Langwarrin Sporting Clubs since the reforming of the modern club.

The community has been at the center of Langwarrin Football Club. Starting in the early 1970s, a group of community members have given rewards to the best players each week. This reward is generally given out of the group’s own money. This practice has continued for over 30 years. This and other gestures of goodwill show how dear the club is to the surrounding community.

Sam Watson, the president of the Langwarrin Football Club, talked more about the event. “Our presentation night brings together members, supporters and players to award our football players, netball players, committee and helpers various achievements for season 2013,” he said. “It was held at Peninsula Golf Club where all involved with our club dress up and enjoy great food and wine at an impressive venue.”

Watson discussed how the event was promoted. “We spread the word through our club Facebook page and website. Players and members were given tickets…prior to the event without pre-payment as a reminder and encouragement to attend,” he said. “Confirmation of attendance and payment for the event occurred on thurs nights leading up to the event at the club when most stay back after training for a meal and drink. This strategy was effective as our event numbers increased from 110 in 2012 to 140 this year.”

The event was “a great success,” said Watson. “ acknowledgement of all the hard work and successes of many people involved in our club,” he said. “A very positive and enjoyable way to close the football/netball season.”

If you’re developing your own presentation night, Watson has some advice. “Promote the event early, tap into multiple ways of promotion, i.e Facebook, flyers, signage,” said Watson. “Get good quality unique tickets so those invited have something tangible to take home with them and remind them about the upcoming event. Eventgroove has been very easy to develop custom event tickets that meet the needs of our football/netball club.”

You can learn more about the Langwarrin Football Club by visiting the club’s site.

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