Event of the Week: Lantern Festival


Hong Kong Australia Business Association-West Australia Chapter Melds Eastern And Western Traditions With Fun Outing at Xintandi

The 25th of February was the night of the Lantern Festival, hosted by Hong Kong Australia Business Association-West Australia Chapter (HKABA-WA). The event, which took place at Xintiandi was one in a multitude of celebrations put on by the organization.

Penny Chong, event coordinator for HKABA-WA, explained the Lantern Festival’s history.

“The Lantern Festival is a cultural celebration among the Chinese culture. It symbolized the fifteen days of Chinese New Year,” she said. “ In ancient times, the Lantern Festival was regarded as a Chinese Valentine’s Day, lovers would walk along on the street and look at proverbs and poem to recite. Today, in the modern society, the Lantern Festival is usually a gathering for most Chinese community to celebrate the last day of the long Chinese New Year celebration.”

“The Hong Kong Australia Business Association WA Chapter (HKABA-WA) had a string of Chinese New Year celebration during the two weeks of the festive season,” said Chong. “To enable all business associates, members to gather and have a good gathering along with a fusion of Chinese and Western mixture event.”

Chong also explained more about HKABA-WA and what the organization works to achieve. “Basically, HKABA-WA is a non profit organization,” she said. “We are a team of volunteer and every success event is our goal. great events, our network will grow and our ties will be stronger.”

Chong talked about which methods of promotion were used for the event. “We usually utilize emails and printed leaflet for promotion. Our members’ was the best of all and most sponsors that night our members.”

Overall, the Lantern Festival celebration went very well. Chong said the best part of the event were the prize drawings and participation from last-minute sponsors. “Our entertainment on the night is a break-off from the traditional Chinese Lion dance but substituted with a saxaphone performance,” she said. “I believe in every event, there are hiccups but I am glad to have a great MC, Mr Paul KAM, that night to deal with the situation.”

Chong has advice for those planning similar events: “Always plan ahead and have more crew on standby.”

You can learn more about HKABA-WA at their website and Facebook page.

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