Event of the Week: Macquarie Musical Society Bend It Like Broadway


University Musical Theatre Group Perform Genderbent Classics 

The 27 of February was a very unique and special day for musical theatre fans. Cabaret received a twist from the Macquarie University’s Macquarie Musical Society’s performance of Bend It Like Broadway. The event turned out to be one of the highlights of University Orientation Week.

In the dark about the musical society? The group was happy to explain more about who they are and what they do.

“Macquarie Musical Society is group based out of Macquarie University that puts on musical theatre shows five times a year. Most members are students at the university who share a passion for musical theatre and often use MacMS as a stepping stone for a future carrier in the performing arts,” stated the society. “We encourage actors, singers, dancers, directors, producers, choreographers, music directors, bands and technical crew to stretch their creative limits within a mature society before they take on the professional world.”

Bend It Like Broadway was an event that was took on the gender conventions of musical theatre.

Bend It Like Broadway was our first show of the year, out of the possible five that we put on. It was a cabaret performance of different Broadway songs with a twist—boys sing girls’ songs and girls’ sing boys songs,” stated the society. “We heard ‘Big Spender’ sung by our enigmatic male cast and ‘Bitch Of Living’ by our beautiful female cast. It was an extraordinary four nights that challenged the gender roles of musical theatre.”

The society stated it mostly used University Orientation Week, posters, the society’s website and Facebook to get the word out about the event.

The promotion seems to have worked spectacularly; the society said the event was “antastic.”

“As a personal goal from our publicist we sold out one night, something MacMS has never experienced at an O-Week show,” the society stated.

One of the best parts was the set design. “Rearranging our theatre to look like a cabaret bar (raised stage and table and chair seating), challenging but effective for the show,” stated the society. “Others included the bonding the cast experienced, being able to hear classic songs on stage in a different way.”

As for advice for anyone wanting to create a show similar to the Macquarie Musical Society’s, the main thing is to get cracking on planning. “Plan as early as possible,” the society stated.

You can learn more about the Macquarie Musical Society at their website and Facebook page.

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