Event of the Week: Masters Super Night Fight


Fun Boxing Event Promoted by Get Fit Boxing

The 10thof May’s Masters Super Night Fight was a night full of boxing prowess at North Sydney Leagues Club in Cammeray, Sydney, NSW. Get Fit Boxing’s boxing coach Chy Chuawiwat and promoter and trainer Mark Pitts were behind the event, which celebrated the fitness, confidence, and excitement boxing can bring.

Chuawiwat, who was also the cornerman for the event and helped with the

The women who participated in the expo. Hayley O’Keefe (right) is one of the stand-outs.

organisational and financial elements of the event, explained, “Mark and I are both boxing trainers. We train amateurs and professional boxers at the PCYC North Sydney.” They “have four female and five male boxers who compete. Two of the males Cody Barnwell and Max Cappellini are NSW state champions and Hayley O’Keefe females was a former QLD champion.”

Chuawiwat also talked about the training sessions he and Pitts provide to their clients.

“The training sessions are Mon-Fri 5pm-6pm and Sat 10:30-12:00. Some train during the day, with Mark. He is a full time boxing trainer. I have a day job, CEO of an IT company, Offis Pty Ltd. We are a good team and have worked together for many years,” he said.

“I also run Get Fit Boxing, a boxing fitness class using the same drills and skills we do for boxers who compete, but without the sparring,” Chuawiwat continued. “A lot of girls come because you don’t get hit, it’s fun, and helps with their fitness and confidence. Mark runs Masters boxing classes, Masters are over 34s who want to compete. I also assist him with his classes. It is the first Masters club in Australia. He has about 12 boxers in the Masters. Training is Tue 6am-7am and Sat 7:30am-8:30am. Most of the boxers are successful business people looking to be fit and active, some are very fit. The boxers for the event came from these classes.”

Chuawiwat outlined how the event was promoted. “Mark did most of the promotional work with word of mouth, some posters and flyers. There is story in the Mosmon Daily. That was great.  Many of the boxers also posted the event on Facebook and send information by email,” he said. “Some of the boxers had a great following and the crowd really got in to it. The noise was building and building as the night went on. It was a sell-out event with 12 fights.”

Chuawiwat also talked about some of the greatest events of the night.

“Rod Walker, the oldest boxer could not get a match and we had to fly in a boxer from QLD, Darren Burn. Darren was an experienced boxer and a hard puncher. He was pressuring Rob for the first two rounds and Rod had to cover up and counted when he could. But in Round Three Rod’s fitness came through and he out punched Darren to win on points, the crowd was screaming at his comeback,” he said.”

“Max Cappellini was in a non-stop action fight against Alper Ozmen, the crowd was on amazement at the volume of punches. Alper is an outside boxer who likes to jab and punch from a distance, then move,” Chuawiwat continued. “Max is a super fit boxer who likes to mix it on the inside. So Max was always coming in on Alper and ducking and weaving the shots from Alper on the way in. Once inside Max was punching so fast it was impossible to count them all.”

“But the stand out fight, in terms of skill was when Hayley O’Keefe, a former QLD Champion, who now trains with us, was in

Max (right) jabs Chy (left) with his right jab.

the ring with Nadine Apepz a former German champion,” he said. “There was a WOW factor about their skill level that had to be seen. They were fast and moved with ease, making each other miss and then countering and moving. Even to those unfamiliar with boxing could really see they skill.”

One event of the night was something that made the event even more memorable.

“There was a bit of drama when a boxer pulled out at the last minute and we had to find a replacement and we did find one,” said Chuawiwat. “One of the boxers, Hector Patrico, is a musician and he walked in to the ring lead by his Mariachi band…. you don’t see that at every boxing event.”

Make sure to check out the website to Get Fit Boxing, where you can see videos and even more photos. Some of the photos even have descriptions on the skills and drills used during training.

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