Event of the Week: MCCC and Alumbra Boat Party


From Rushed Tickets to a Great Success at Sea

The Monash Chinese Culture Club (MCCC) at the Monash University Clayton Campus, took to the sea on their latest membership event, their annual boat cruise. The MCCC and Alumbra Boat Party took place on 13 April, 2012, and was a success.

“Everything went according to plan,” said Melissa Fung. The cruise was the club’s orientation event, the first large event for the year. The purpose was to promote the club’s name to new members and give them an opportunity to meet each other. “The feedback from our members was it was a great cruise,” said Fung.

The club cruised on the Lady Cutler Boat. “Attendees were able to sit and chat in the lounge/bar area, or dance in the upstairs dance floor area,” said Fung. The cruise was followed with an after-party at Alumbra.

Selling the Event

The MCCC used several techniques to promote their event, including emails and posters, but Facebook was at the center of their efforts. “The strategy that worked best was definitely Facebook, as we have a lot of fans on it, and that’s how people were able to find information about the event,” said Fung.

The MCCC set up a table at the University, and sold tickets there. “It was a good system,” said Fung, “However, we did not anticipate the sheer amount of people who were coming to buy tickets, so maybe a few more extra hands would’ve been more helpful.” They used their own design to create custom tickets through Eventgroove’s DYO tool. “It added the extra class to our event as the tickets looked special and with our design as well,” said Fung.

Achieving Goals

The MCCC is a well-established club, having been in existence since 1973. According to their page, the club’s main purpose is “to facilitate student integration through the organisation of events. In turn, the club hopes to enhance our members’ communication, confidence and social integration skills during their life at Monash University.” Social events like the Boat Party are one of the ways they accomplish this goal.

As a social club, the MCCC puts on a lot of events. Fung advises event planners give themselves enough time. “We were quite rushed and left everything last minute,” she said, “Our tickets had to be expressed posted because we had no time to get it done earlier!”

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