Event of the Week: Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow


Comedy Show Organized by artsRutherglen Garnered Packed Crowd

Comedy lovers had fun the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, which took place at the Rutherglen Memorial Hall the 7th of May. The event, organized by volunteer group artsRutherglen, not only gave the audience tons of laughs, but there was also tons of local flavor.

ArtsRutherglen, focuses on nurturing “the creation, presentation and enjoyment of the arts” in Melbourne. Some of the main points of the group include creating and convening events, attracting performances and exhibitions, fostering community participation and local talent and promoting cooperation with nearby communities. According to the organization’s website, artsRutherglen was developed in 2005, officially incorporated in March 2006 and is currently affiliated with Regional Arts Victoria.

Robyn Porter of artsRutherglen talked more about the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow. “The Comedy Festival Roadshow is part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Five acts from that Festival hit the road and perform in our town Rutherglen for one night,” she said. “There is always an MC and each act goes for about 40 minutes. It is a great night when we get 250 to 300 people because our venue is quite cavernous and we need a crowd to get the vibe going.”

Porter said that some of the techniques used to get the word out about the event includes both real-world and online tactics. “We used posters; direct mail out to large places of employment and to volunteer groups in the community; attached flyers to the Neighbourhood Watch edition; newspaper advertisements; radio promos; Destination Rutherglen Web Page; our own Web Page; banners in strategic locations; dinner and show packages; group concessions word of mouth.”

The event went off without a hitch. “It was a success,” said Porter. “We could have seated 320 and we had 300. The comedians themselves were great: it was a fun night. They happily incorporated a few local stories into the show that made it for everyone.”

The one bit of advice Porter has for people wanting to create an event like the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is to “encourage large group bookings.” With large groups, you could be on your way to having as much fun as Porter and artsRutherglen had.

Are you intrigued to find out more about artsRutherglen? You can learn more about artsRutherglen, the group’s initiatives, upcoming events and how to join by visiting the organization’s website.

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