Event of the Week: New South Wales Police Legacy Kokoda Trek Raffle


Trek Helps Children of Fallen Officers Honor Parents

The NSW Police Legacy recently held their annual Kokoda Fundraising Raffle held the 8th of February. The raffle helped support the committee and the trek the committee holds for the children of fallen police officers.

Jane Prior of the committee explained more about the raffle and Kokoda trek. “NSW Police Legacy…is a committee within the NSW Police Force that has been set up to help the children of fallen police officers,” she said. “We these children across the Kokoda Track in memory of their fallen parent, to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before. It is a journey of self-discovery for them.”

The trail itself is a single-file foot path that runs through the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea. History buffs might know the trail (or track, as it’s sometimes called) as the location of the battle between Australian and Japanese armed forces in World War II. The entire trail is 96 kilometres long, with challenging terrain. According to the Australian government site about the Kokoda Trail, it takes approximately 50 hours to cross the trail.

Prior’s Go Fundraise page concerning the trek states the Kokoda environment includes rainforests, mountain ranges and valleys. “…The track passes through rugged mountain ranges, in a glorious jungle rain forest setting. The jungle is alive with cascading fresh water streams, which tumble and wind through the mountain ranges and steep valleys,” she states.

The raffle for the trip included prizes such as Bunning’s giftcards, four-player golf round at Oatlands Golf Course, an Oz Trail 60L backpack, a Defensive Driving package and more. In order to get people excited about the event and prizes, Prior said the raffle was advertised through the police force as well as through other emergency services.

“Every member of the 2013 trek received several books of raffle tickets to sell,” she said. “e also sent them to all the squads with our headquarters to sell as well.”

All of the hard work promoting the raffle paid off. “We meet our goals,” said Prior, who felt this “was due to professionally designed tickets.” According to Prior, the tickets they used helped enhance their event, “without a doubt.”

The NSW Police Legacy participates in other events to help the community, such as charity boxing, auctions, fundraising balls and more. You can learn more the NSW Police Legacy at the NSW Police website. If you’d like to learn more about the Kokoda Trail, click the link above, or visit these websites.

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