Event of the Week: Nu Look Zumba Dance Event


Keep it Colourful! Keep them Coming! Nu Look Dance and Fitness

When Sara Siniska of New South Wales was ready to plan, promote and host a Zumba dance event for her organization, Nu Look Dance and Fitness, she chose a colourful theme and a colourful ticket from Eventgroove! With music, active people and dance at its center, the event was set to be a success from the beginning. I was pleased to catch up with Sara and discuss her approach to planning a sensational fitness party.

I asked Sara about her organization and the purpose of her event, “We are a dance organization and the purpose of the event was to promote our Zumba dance fitness classes.” Zumba is a dance based exercise class that uses Latin and International music, rhythms, and moves to provide a fun, fit atmosphere to its participants. No matter the skill level of the student, every person involved is encouraged to express him or her self, have a great time and get in shape.

For her event, Sara chose the Colourful All Purpose General Admission Ticket.

This ticket features a bright, eye catching, multi-coloured pattern. With room for all the important information and custom text. This ticket can be individually numbered, so that organizers can keep track of event participants. Sara chose this particular ticket because it fit her event perfectly, “The tickets were bright and colorful which was our theme for the night,” she told me. The shifting colors and patterns on the ticket reflect the rhythm of dance and music. The design is whimsical and fun. It’s sure to turn heads.

The event that Sara held was a promotion that celebrated a year of Zumba at Nu Look Dance and Fitness. I asked her what tactics she used to sell the tickets to her event. Sara planned the promotion carefully and marketed through several channels. She used a number of methods to get the word out. She posted information about the event to Facebook and hung informative flyers around her local area. From shops to libraries to all about town, Sara made sure that her event was highly visible to the public. In order to reach possible participants, Sara also relied on word of mouth. Her best advocates were current students who had attended Zumba classes at the studio and knew how great it is!

Zumba is meant to be a fun, high energy, positive exercise and any event based around it is bound to be fun and high energy, too. Sara told me that her Zumba centered event had a “great atmosphere and great turnout.” Her favorite part was the music and organizing the event, which she felt went very well.

For someone planning a similar event, Sara officers this advice, “Plan in advance and give people lots of notice and brainstorm all type of marketing ideas.”

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