Event of the Week: Orange Pigeon Charity Fundraiser


Private Team Organises Fundraiser for Charity

Belinda Lee and her team decided that The Orange Pigeon Charity was worthy of increased attention and recognition. The Orange Pigeon grants wishes to adults 18 years and older who are suffering from a chronic, life-threatening illness or terminal illness. The organisation was started because there was no organisation that catered to sick adults.

Belinda and her team “acted as event organiser and funded the event on the behalf of The Orange Pigeon,” Belinda said. She said that “The purpose of the event was to increase awareness of The Orange Pigeon and raise much needed funds for them.” In order to spread the word about the fundraiser and The Orange Pigeon, she created a Facebook page and also advertised the event on their website. The funds raised at the fundraiser would go towards the funds used to grant wishes to the adults who turn to The Orange Pigeon for hope.

Belinda and her team worked side by side with The Orange Pigeon to spread the word about the fundraiser. She said that event was a gala dinner for The Orange Pigeon, and the volunteer committee members of The Orange Pigeon were only responsible for selling tickets for the event. Belinda and her team took care of everything else.

In order to spread the word about the event, Belinda used all methods of advertisement. She said, “We marketed the event via our data base, ads in the local paper, posters around the venue, radio ads on 91.5 Smooth FM, and through our website, and FB page.” Belinda said that “All events are met with obstacles, and it’s about learning how to ‘think outside’ the square, and come up with a solution. As we were organising the event in conjunction with The Orange Pigeon, communication between all parties was a key factor.” When working with another group, keeping all lines of communication open is important.

Belinda said that the night was a huge success, and the “whole night was a memorable one for everybody involved.” It’s hard not to have fun and enjoy a night when helping others.

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