Event of the Week: Presentation Night Celebrations


Victoria Kart Club Surprises Unsuspecting Members with Award Trophies

The Yarra Valley Speedway Kart Club awarded surprised members with trophies during the club’s Presentation Night celebrations. The event, presented by both the club and Nyora Raceway, happened the 20th of July at the Sands Hotel in Carrum Downs, Victoria.

The Yarra Valley Speedway Kart Club (YVSKC) is a family-oriented club that encourages all members to have fun regardless of their ability or age. According to the club’s website, speedway karting teaches children basic driving skills before they are able to gain their driver’s licenses. The sport also improves reflexes, car control, precision, decision-making, and mechanical skills. Because karting is competitive, it also teaches sportsmanship and professionalism as well as fosters a sense of community. The club could even be the beginning of a child working on their dream of becoming a career in motor sport.

The club was formed in 2005 by several speedway kart drivers looking to take the sport to an even more enjoyable level for those interested in racing. The club, which has now grown exponentially since its beginning, races at seven regular tracks. Many of the club’s drivers compete in title events. Children as young as eight can participate in the sport.

The club’s Presentation Night was easy to promote.  Since it was a club event, Sue, a member of the club, said that information about the event was mailed out to all club members. Sue also said the club’s website and Facebook page were also used.

Sue said the event was “excellent.” The best parts of the night came from the members themselves. “Some of the trophy recipients didn’t expect trophies,” she said, also adding that the food and atmosphere were great. “ good venue and most people dressed up and looked amazing.” Thorough planning, said Sue was one of the keys to what made the event amazing.

The Presentation Night was a great way for the club to continue fostering the qualities of professionalism, sportsmanship and a sense of community that are the cornerstones of the club. With so many awards and recognitions, the YVSKC is set to continue on the road to taking speedway kart racing to an even higher level.

If you’d like to join the YVSKC, view pictures of some of their events, or simply learn more about them, check out the club’s website and Facebook page.

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