Event of the Week: Rabbi Hanoch Teller’s Soup for the Soul


Rabbi Hanoch Teller Discusses Family Values at NSW’s Kesser Torah College

The world-famous “King of Storytellers,” Rabbi Hanoch Teller,talked to a receptive crowd during his “Soup for the Soul” event held the 13th of May at Kesser Torah College’s Multi-Purpose Hall in Dover Heights in New South Wales.

Kesser Torah College is, according to the school’s site, a “Jewish educational facility offering Jewish Education and care for children aged 0 years-Year 12.” The college, located in Dover Heights, includes an education and care centre, primary school, and high school. The teachings of Lubavitcher Rebbe OBM inspired the educational philosophy of Kesser Torah.

“Kesser Torah was incorporated in December 2003 and is a Jewish orthodox school with a Chabad ethos,” states the site. “It has grown to accommodate over 400 students catering to over 250 families.” The staff, made of 90 professionals, works to make sure each child is cared for in both the academic and extra-curricular spheres. The school also aims to treat the child as an individual and provide the best Jewish and secular education along with pastoral care.

Through creating a nurturing learning environment, caring for the interests of each individual child, and promoting respect, acceptance, integrity and honesty, Keller Torah works to live up to its admission statement of “providing excellence in education in a Torah culture, with a love of learning and Yiddishkeit…in a nurturing environment of Derech Eretz, warmth and respect, Torah values and Ahavas Yisroel.

Sarah Vasin of Kesser Torah College talked more about the event. “Famous storyteller, movie producer and public speaker, Rabbi Hanoch

Rabbi Teller

Teller spoke to parents of the school and outside community about ‘Raising Respectful Children,’” said Vasin. The event was an extraordinary event; Teller has, according to his site, lectured about peace and hope on five continents, 24 countries and in 40 of the 50 American states.

Marketing for the event included both physical and online tactics. “Emails to parent body, flyers in kosher shops, flyers handed out by community groups, school’s website ,” she said. “Tickets were purchased either from the front office reception before the event, or at the door on the night. The latter worked best.”

You can learn more about Keller Torah College, the school philosophy and what the college can offer to prospective students, visit the school’s website. You can learn more about Rabbi Teller, his upcoming talks, books, DVDs and more at his website.

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