Event of the Week: Shitbox Rally


Cross-Country Rally Raises Funds for Cancer Council NSW 

The 4th  through the 10th of May was a time of fun and friendly competition as well as raising important funds for cancer research. The Shitbox Rally—which takes place between Adelaide, South Australia and Fremantle, Western Australia (via Uluru)—helps support the Cancer Council NSW and their goal to end cancer.

According to the rally’s Facebook page, the Shitbox Rally gets its name from the fact that the participants take terrible, rundown cars and see if they can drive them across Australia. During the trip, the participants can experience the beauty of the Australian outback while having a good time with friends. Nick Deane, a participant in the rally, explained more about how it works. “Every one of the 200 cars involved was worth less than $1,000.00 and each team was required to raise $4,000.00,” he said. “My raffle was just one small part of our team’s fund-raising effort.”

Deane sold tickets to his friends and work colleagues and raised a sizable amount of money. “I raised $675.00, which was more than I had anticipated,” he said.

The rally’s funds go towards the Cancer Council NSW, a community funded cancer charity committed to defeat cancer. The Cancer Council NSW is a member of Cancer Council Australia along with state and territory Cancer Council affiliates and develops prevention strategies and invests in new cures and treatments in order to beat cancer once and for all.

Helping the Cancer Council NSW is very close to the hearts of the rally participants. “Many of us have been affected by cancer in one way or another,” states the rally’s Facebook page. “Whether it be parents, family, close friends, people we know or ourselves that have battled or are battling cancer, this all too common disease has touched us all.” The rally isn’t just to raise money and awareness for the organization; it’s also “to be able to offer support and a friendly ear to those that have suffered or are suffering.”

You can learn more about the Shitbox Rally at its website, Facebook and Flickr and Twitter pages. You can learn more about the Cancer Council NSW, how to donate, volunteer, campaign and get answers to your cancer-related questions at its website and through its social media links: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus and Cancer Connections.

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