Event of the Week: Shopnfriends Fashionista Expo


Fun and Fashion: Image is Everything

Shopnfriends is a group of personal shoppers and image consultants in Perth who specialise in bringing fashion to everyday men and women. The personal style consultants help individuals become “savvy, confident shoppers.”

Making a Difference

Recently, the Shopnfriends consultants held a Fashionista Expo and benefit.

“Our Fashionista Expo was designed to bring our clients, friends, and fans together for an afternoon of fun and fashion,” Janine Davidson, Image Consultant and Proprietor of Shopnfriends told me. “We held Fashion Parade and had stalls and entertainment. It was held at the end of the school holidays, so that the mums could have a break!

“Part proceeds went to the Make a Difference foundation which helps families in need, especially with disabled kids. Numbers were a little down on last year, but all seats were filled.”

Make a Difference is a non-profit organisation, which “aims to raise significant funds through various projects to make a difference to the lives of those in necessitous circumstances, thereby improving the overall quality of life across various Western Australian communities.”

Getting the Word Out

In order to reach potential attendees for the Fashionista Expo, Shopnfriends relied on several methods. They first send out email messages to their current database of customers. They also engaged folks through their Facebook page. Additionally, they relied on some good old fashion signage to direct attendees to the event.

Their methods worked because there was a lot of buzz about the event. The organisers created a “buy 2 get 1 free” special, which “a lot of people took up.” ¬†They also reduced the price of the tickets from $25 to $16 dollars. This was a great price for an afternoon out and the lower price also encouraged more folks to join in.

And What an Afternoon it was!

“The fashion parades are always fun,” Janine said, “but this year we had a wonderful group of ladies from Bellydance Central shake their stuff as the entertainment, so that was exciting. We also had a more spacious venue at the Joondalup Reception Centre, and new stalls, so that there was really something for everyone! Bags to makeup, eyelashes to jeans, bras to vinegars it was all there!”

Though the audience wasn’t aware of it, there were many last minute changes with the models. Behind the scenes it was “organised” chaos, but everything turned out well in the end. The event was a great success.

For those planning similar events, Janine advises, “Give yourself at least 6 weeks to plan the event, and lean heavily on different people to help you with specialised tasks. It is impossible to do it on your own.”


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