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Singing Made Easy—Professional Tickets For Professional Events

The tickets helped us manage the number of guests attending and gives our night a professional and organised image. Ripping the tickets as guests enter makes the night seem well planned and special for all involved.
—Rachel Lee, Director, Singing Made Easy

I recently had the opportunity to correspond with Rachel Lee, Director of Singing Made Easy, a singing school with three locations in Sydney.

I asked Rachel if she could tell me a little bit about her organisation. “Singing Made Easy is a singing school that teaches private singing lessons and group classes. Singing Made Easy is also a vibrant singing community with a goal to help anyone who has a passion or interest in music.” The school helps students improve their singing skills in a fun, supportive, community-centered environment.

“We run in-house concerts and showcases, perform at local community and charity events and co-ordinate fun social performances such as open mic and karaoke nights,” Rachel told me.

“The purpose of our last event, ‘Singing Made Easy Performance Night,’ was to give our singers an opportunity to get up on stage and practice performance skills in a supportive environment of singing teachers, family and friends.”

The staff at Singing Made Easy chose to use Eventgroove to design and print professional quality tickets for their Performance Night event. They used a crowd pleasing general admission ticket from the Rock Concert Event Kit, a colorful ticket featuring the silhouette of a fans enjoying a music show:

The ticket included space for all of the essential information, the time, place, purpose and price of the event. The ticket design featured individual numbering and a detachable stub, which ticket takers detached at as guests entered the venue.

I asked Rachel what tactics she and her colleagues used to sell ticket to their attendees.  It seems they “sold tickets to family and friends of the performers. Discounted tickets were available prior to the night which encouraged pre-event ticket sales. We also offered a family ticket (4 tickets) at a discounted rate. It was an invite only event so each performer invited their network of friends to support them on the night, and ticket sales were strong.”

“The best part was seeing how each performer gained valuable performance experience and built confidence in their own abilities as family and friends complemented them on their performances,” she told me.

Because Singing Made Easy works with performers, they have a lot of experience hosting events like these. “The event went well as planned. We have been running many different singing events over the years. As usual, there were some last minute changes on the night. However, it ran smoothly overall.

“All the work is in the planning. Make sure every guest and performer knows what they are doing and when. Ensure you have a good team of people helping you on the night, and create a fun and encouraging culture on the night. “

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