Event of the Week: Super Hero Wrestling’s School’s Out Holiday Disco Party


Entertainment Team Celebrates the End of School with Cool Party

The 13th of April was a great day for kids who were just getting out of school. Super Hero Wrestling hosted a School’s Out Holiday Disco Party at the Dapto Ribbonwood Centre in Dapto, New South Wales. The event was fun for everyone involved, including Ben Coles of Super Hero Wrestling.

Super Hero Wrestling team provides live entertainment, fitness shows, music and tons of cool games for birthday parties and other children’s events. The team includes Coles (aka Iron Jay), Mighty Mel, Traffic, Massive Q, Princess Poison and Masked Luchas. There are even a couple of villains on board that the Super Hero Wrestling team have to defeat to show that evil doesn’t pay!

The team has already become a huge success in the Illawarra region, and they’re hoping to keep the success going by offering a huge variety of packages for small and large groups, preschools, public schools, Christmas parties and more.

“Myself…and the rest of the Super Hero Wrestling Team hosted a Disco Party…like never before with Disco music, interactive games, face painting, glitter tattoos, BBQ, live entertainment, comedy performance shows and even cake and piñata smashes,” said Coles. “ was definitely a fun night.”

Coles said that getting the word out about the event involved hitting the pavement and using the web. “Social media, shopping centres, posters, letterbox dops, markets” were the ways people found out about the then-upcoming event.

The event wasn’t just great for the children and families, but it was also great for those in need. “Approximately 100 children and parents and $584.85 was raised for a local charity called Kidzwish,” said Coles.

The best part of the night was the crowd itself. “The crowd’s reaction was definitely a highlight for me,” said Coles. “This was our very first event so there was a lot of pressure to make sure it ran smoothly and everyone had fun.”

If you’re planning on creating an event like this one, Coles said to use all the ways you can to promote your event. “Promote the event and don’t rely solely on Facebook and social media,” he said. “et out there and do everything you can to make sure that everyone knows about your event.”

You can learn more about Super Hero Wrestling at their website, and see some pictures from this event on their Facebook page.

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