Event of the Week: Swanpool Environmental Film Festival


Film Festival Put On in Part by the Gecko CLaN

The 1st of June was a day of environmental awareness thanks to the Swanpool Environmental Film Festival, put on in part by the Gecko CLaN , otherwise known as the Broken Catchment Landcare Network, part of Landcare Goulburn Broken. The project management and funding network, along with several other partners, helped give environmental awareness a fun and educational platform through film and lecture.

According to a Gecko CLaN article about the event, the film festival was a big success, attracting over 200 people, with a lot of the guests travelling a long way to take part in the event. Three films were screened and three speakers provided their insight on environmental responsibility.

The three films screened to audiences were Chasing Ice, Surviving Progress, and A Smarter Country. Chasing Ice, a documentary by James Balog, featured time-lapse photography of the rapid deterioration of glaciers in Iceland, Greenland, and Alaska. Survivng Progress, by Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks, is based on a book by Ronald Wright and features interviews with experts about the idea of civilization and “progress traps.” A Smarter Country, directed by Margaret Anne Smith, features interviews with designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and public officials across Australia about renewable energy and environmentally-conscious designs.

Between the films, speakers Ray Thomas, Barney Foran, and David Karoly presented lectures about environmental health. Thomas, the founder and driver of the Regent Honeyeater project, spoke on environmental restoration. Foran talked about the links between what we buy from the supermarkets and the earth’s problems. Karoly, a professor from Melbourne University, spoke about climate change and how we can prevent future generations from living in an unstable climate.

Melanie Addinsall of The Gecko CLaN stated that the group hosted the event in partnership with Swanpool Landcare and Cinema, Benalla Sustainable Future Group, and eight other sponsoring organisations.

Addinsall said that in terms of promotion, “ord of mouth is best.” “We had 90 bookings before we even started promotion-It is a small town after all!” she said.

The event went “very well,” said Addinsall, saying that the best parts of the event were the “mazing films and delicious food,” catered by the Swanpool & District Community Development Association.

If you want to learn more about the Gecko CLaN and the organisation’s initiatives, click here to visit the organisation’s site.

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