Event of the Week: Sydney University Wind Orchestra


Running a Raffle for Music Fundraising

“Running a musical group has many expenses,” said Emma Campbell, of The Sydney University Wind Orchestra (SUWO). In order to raise funds, The SUWO held a raffle at the first concert of their season, “Ride.”

According to Campbell, “Our focus is providing a welcoming and enjoyable environment for students of the university who share a common passion for music.” In addition to playing music together, “We enjoy many social events, such as trivia nights, scavenger hunts and dinners after rehearsal, however we believe in challenging ourselves and striving for musical excellence.”

Some of the expenses of the orchestra include buying or renting music and paying the Musical Director. “Our dream is to raise enough money to work towards owning our own percussion, said Campbell.

The raffle was successful. “We sold more raffle tickets than expected – we’ll have to order more for next time!” said Campbell. “The raffle tickets we purchased from Eventgroove had our concert details on them, so many people who bought raffle tickets prior to the concert also attended.” Campbell thought the tickets worked well. “The Eventgroove raffle tickets helped us advertise our concert, and they were also a great method of fundraising.” Prizes included concert tickets, wine, and a gift card.

In addition to raffle participants, the SUWO also included information in their monthly newsletter, and on Facebook and Twitter to attract an audience. And of course, friends and family also attended the concert. “We rely heavily on the band members to invite their family or friends,” said Campbell, “Past members and those who’ve heard of the orchestra are reminded of our events through our electronic media.”

The concert was a success as well. “Ride” featured “music that moves”–pieces that explore movement as a theme. Campbell advises other musicians to “emulate the atmosphere you want the audience to feel – if you’re not having fun, then they won’t either.” She thinks the audience had fun.“Our Musical Director’s sense of humour was appreciated by many of the audience members,” she said, “as it is by the band, and the concert was overall an enjoyable event.”

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