Event of the Week: The Hangout: Potential Unlocked


Children Explore the Arts at Event Organized by the WorshipCentre Christian Church

Children participating in The Hangout: Potential Unlocked were able to show off their creative sides to their family and friends. The event, held between the 1st of July and the 5th of July in Carina, Queensland, was created by the WorshipCentre Christian Church.

The WorshipCentre originally began as the Worship & Ministry Centre Ltd 10 November 2000 by Pastor Clark Taylor and his wife, Anne. According to the ministry’s site, the first meeting had 300 people attend, causing for a wall to be removed to make room for everyone. The church, which legally changed its name in 2003,  has steadily grown since its first meeting, including bringing on Paul “Skip” and Leah Smith as the centre’s lead pastors. Now the ministry is looking to expand even more.

The WorshipCentre aims to provide a loving, welcoming environment for those who are looking to strengthen their faith. “Pivotal to all of our services is an expectation that God will move among us in a very real way,” states the site. “Worship and revelatory teaching are important to us, and so is seeing people healed emotionally and physically during our services.”

The Hangout: Potential Unlocked was created for children between grade 3 and grade 6. The week-long event allowed for children to explore their talents and create performances involving drama, dance, singing, set design, film, and more.

Linda Taylor of WorshipCentre explained more about the event. “The Hangout was a holiday program for kids,” she said. “We run it on a not-for-profit basis, and their week culminated in a live stage show with singing, dancing, camera work, acting, props and music.”

Word of mouth was biggest promotion tactic the WorshipCentre used for their event. “We are a church of about 1600 people, so mostly word of mouth from them to others,” she said. “We put a lot of pamphlets in local schools where we cook breakfast in the mornings for kids.”

Taylor said the event was “amazing.” “I loved the finale with all of the children and most leaders dancing and singing together. Very emotional.”

If you’re planning a similar event to The Hangout: Potential Unlocked, Taylor said to plan it a year in advance. She also advised to take some time off after the event is over. “ake two weeks off after it,” she said, cheekily.

You can learn more about the WorshipCentre at its website and Facebook page.

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