Event of the Week: The Humanitarian Clowns Annual Gala Dinner and Show


Laughter and Goodwill at Event Hosted by Humanitarian Clowns Inc.

The 25th of May was a day of fun and fundraising at The Humanitarian Clowns Annual Gala Dinner and Show. The event helped not only Humanitarian Clowns Inc., but several hospital and aged care facility programs and a small village in South India.

Aimee Ingram, Promotions and Media Officer for Humanitarian Clowns Inc, talked more about the dinner and show.

“The Humanitarian Clowns Annual Gala Dinner and Show is to help Humanitarian Clowns Inc. raise funds for several humanitarian and community projects that we are currently developing and implementing both locally and internationally,” said Ingram. “Part of the funds will be going to a remote village school that we built in 2011 in the South Indian Jawadhi Hills and the rest will go towards our local programs in several hospitals and aged care facilities as well as contributing to our ‘Random acts of Clowness’ for struggling families in and around Victoria and eventually Australia.”

Humanitarian Clowns Incorporated was created to be a positive influence through laughter and playfulness, said Ingram.

“Humanitarian Clowns Incorporated is a registered Australian non-profit organisation, under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981,” said Ingram. “In 2012, Humanitarian Clowns Inc. was created by Tim Webster (Timbadim the Clown), after he attended a Caring Clown Trip to Costa Rica with Dr. Patch (Hunter) Adams, where he witnessed first-hand the positive affects Humanitarian Clowning has on individuals and communities.”

Ingram explained more about the organisation.

“Our motto is ‘Creating change in a colourful way,’” said Ingram. “e do this via the following nine values:

1. Through love, compassion and togetherness we break all barriers.
2. We connect with all people and spread peace everywhere
3. We promote better health for individuals, families and communities around the world with fun and laughter
4. We engage all people in playful acts of kindness.
5. We work alongside humanitarian projects spreading compassion and joy.
6. We partnership with other non-government organisations to create sustainable living opportunities for all people
7. Having fun with every clown step
8. Happiness is a choice
9. Love everyone unconditionally thus creating a loving world

Our mission is to support local non–government organisations (NGOs) around the world with their projects by combining social clowning and community development.

Laughter and joy are spread to thousands of individuals living in hardship, by visiting different places such as hospitals, slums, refugee camps, orphanages, schools and remote tribal communities both locally and internationally.

We participate in local NGO fundraising events and provide assistance wherever we can.

We pride ourselves on being a non-discriminating organisation. All volunteers are welcome, no matter their race, religion, gender, sexuality, age or abilities.

We focus on supporting our clown volunteers wanting to engage in community service work. By providing guidance and support to the clowns, we assist them with ways to share with the public their experiences and the benefits of Humanitarian Clowning.

Additionally, whilst overseas, we spend time integrating with the various communities to learn and gain an understanding about different people, their languages, customs and culture.”

In order to get the word out about the event, Humanitarian Clowning sent out notices through the Internet.

“Most of our advertising was via our Social Media networks, business letter emails, and mailouts as well as word of mouth,” said Ingram. “Being a small not for profit organisation it can become very expensive to advetise for lengthy periods of time in magazines and newspapers so we utilised what services were available at little to no cost at all.”

The event was a huge success, said Ingram. “We considered the night to be a great success as all of our auction items were sold and our total tally exceeded our hopes!” she said. “As always our entertainer Mark Andrew was a huge hit with his ‘Legends Show’ and with his brilliant impersonations of Dean Martin, Tom Jones, Austin Powers and Elvis Presley he had everyone moving and grooving all night long! Our moving and powerful slideshow of our experiences whilst clowning was also a hit with many people feeling the emotions and letting the tears flow!”

You can learn more about Humanitarian Clowns Inc at its official site.

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