Event of the Week: Traralgon Tyers United Football Club Annual Ball


Football Club Celebrates Sports with Players and Sponsors

The Traralgon Tyers United Football Club had a good time the 29th of June. The football club celebrated their T.T.U.F.N.C. Annual Ball last month at the award-winning Traralgon Bowls Club in Traralgon, Victoria. According to Joe Locandro, the event was great way to reconnect with players and sponsors and support the Traralgon community.

According to the official site, the Traralgon Tyers United Football Club was formed in 1981 and participates in the North Gippsland Football Netball League. The club hasn’t always been a part of North Gippsland.  After being admitted into North Gippsland League, it was transferred to the Loddon Valley Football Netball League in 1983. The club was readmitted into North Gippsland in 1989 and has played in every season since then.

Locandro explained more about ball. “All the clubs in the area have a ball about half way through the season it’s a chance to get all dressed up and catch and have a drink with everybody involved with the club,” he said.

In order to spread the word about the event, the club’s social calendar was used. “We try and put a social calendar out at the start of the season to let everyone know when the functions are on,” said Locandro. “We also put flyers out around the club and send text messages.”

The event went well, said Locandro. “The comments we have have been very positive.”

Such comments mentioned the great band, food, music and venue, he said.  “This is the first year we have had the ball at our major sponsor’s the Traralgon Bowls Club, which has just had a major refurbishment and came fantastic…. Nearly all players and partners came which was terrific.”

While this event was great, the work for next year’s ball is just beginning. Locandro said that next year there will be different ways to spread the word about the upcoming annual ball. “I think next year we will email,text and send tickets out a lot earlier to all our sponsors,” he said.

You can learn more about the Traralgon Tyers United Football Club at its website. You can also learn more about the Traralgon Tyers United Football Club at its Facebook page. If you’d like to learn more about the Traralgon Bowls Club, check out its website and Facebook page.

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