Event of the Week: Yowah Opal Festival


A Dazzling Event

In July of 2011 the Yowah Opal Festival was held in Queensland. Opals were first discovered toward the end of the 19th century in this part of Australia, and the area is known for two kinds of opals: he Yowah Opal Nut and the Ironstone Matrix Opal. Each year the Yowah Opal Festival is held to promote Australia’s National Gemstone. The festival features catered food, music and dancing. All visitors are encouraged to “talk with a miner.”

I recently caught up with Danny Burnes to learn more about the festival and his experience with Eventgroove who told me a little more about the festival and the main event, the opal raffle.

“The tickets we purchased were for an opal pendant that we raffled at our annual Yowah Opal Festival. The pendant is donated by an overseas jeweler with links to the Yowah Opal field.”

For the Yowah Opal Festival, organizers chose the All Purpose Raffle Ticket. The ticket is simple and allows for plenty of room to share information about the event.

How did the organizers spread the news of the festival and share their tickets with attendees? They ordered the books of raffle tickets early and then had individuals sell the tickets throughout Queensland. Though, “not as much profit as anticipated in the raffle , nevertheless, apart from this setback and continuous rain on the first day of the festival, opal buyers were not deterred and the festival was still successful according to those people with whom I have spoken.

“The only advice I can offer is a practical approach to issuing tickets only to people who are willing to try and sell them,” Danny told me.

How did Eventgroove enhance this event? “Having access to a form that supplied the tickets at a reasonable price and fairly quickly helped myself and the committee to get on with other things that every festival requires.”

The Yowah Opal Festival is already in the works for next year, so if you find yourself in Southwest Queensland next year, you may want to drop by the this friendly opal field and celebrate.

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