Event of the Week: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway


The Hair Hub Spreads Christmas Cheer with its 12 Days to Christmas Giveaway 

The Hair Hub, a small NSW haircare chain with two stores in Port Macquarie’s shopping centres, gave its customers a Christmas gift with their 12 Days to Christmas Giveaway, drawn on the 27th of December.

John Wall, owner of The Hair Hub, created the giveaway in order to increase the store’s sales. “The event was pretty much my idea as I wanted to provide the tools for our staff to boost sales through walk-ins and in the salon to meet our targets from December 2013,” he wrote in an email interview. “So we offered customers a great opportunity to win a $300 Gift Certificate, if they spent $30 or more, leading 12 days to Christmas. Having the spending limit at $30 dollars or more worked out very well, as it was not out of reach for our customers to get a chance to enter the draw.”

To promote the event, Wall used both online and traditional methods. “We had a radio campaign, store-front posters of the event and printed flyers we put into every customers shopping bags,” he wrote. “Plus we promoted the event through our Facebook page[.]”

Wall wrote that the best marketing strategy for the giveaway was direct interaction. “Really the only marketing strategy that works best is at the counter where staff are promoting the offer directly to customers,” he wrote. “You cannot just rely on radio, facebook, etc. alone, though they are good for spreading the word. Not only was the event used for customers having a chance to win a great prize, was also used to get people to shop with us The Hair Hub!”

Overall, the giveaway was very successful, with Wall writing that he was “very pleased” with the outcome. “We beat last year’s December sales by a good margin even though the event only went for 12 days. Our staff did a great job promoting the offer at the counter, so a pat on the back to them,” he wrote. “I plan to do something similar next year, but doing a promo for a whole month, not just 12 days. Our staff  were very happy with using the idea of a ticket arrangement as a quick and easy way for customers to enter the draw…having a customised ticket with our branding looks more professional, it’s all about getting your brand out there where you can!”

The best part of the event for Wall was seeing just how well the event turned out. “I was surprised of the result and so were our staff,” he wrote. “Our staff were surprised how many customers took the offer to enter the draw. Most importantly staff morale a boost not only after seeing the final result…We were only into the event for four to five days and decided to order more tickets online to ensure we had enough as we were flying through them.”

Wall states that if you’re planning an event like this, make sure to stay on top of things. “Always plan your event or promo as early as possible and ensure you sit down with your staff with the idea, get there feedback and they get an understanding what the event or promo is all about, terms and conditions,” he wrote.

To learn more about The Hair Hub, check out their Facebook page. The official site for The Hair Hub is launching soon.

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