Event of the Week: Avinash! Live Wrestling


Avinash! Live Wrestling Gives Audience a Taste of India (and Wrestling!)

The 26th of April was a night of awesome fighting and fun with Avinash! Live Wrestling. The event, put on by New Zealand’s Maniacs United, gave the audience not only a great time with tremendous wrestling, but a great introduction to Indian culture.

Melissa Jones, the managing director of Maniacs United, explained more about the event and Maniacs United. “Our company is called Maniacs United and we aim to be a little bit crazy and different than other professional wrestling companies in New Zealand,” she said. “Avinash was an India-themed Professional Wrestling Show. Avinash is translated from Hindi to English and means ‘Indestructible.’ This is our third show of 2014.” Jones had also explained that the show was the first themed show for Maniacs United. “We had Indian food, Indian music, Indian decorations. We wanted Indian dances for intermission.”

Maniacs United used social media, such as Facebook, to give away tickets. “The trick is to know your ideal clients,” said Jones. “And I call fans/attendees clients because you need to build a relationship with them, so they can trust you and repeatedly come back. For some businesses, this is an outdated strategy but it works for us… By giving loads of tickets away, we have also been able to make a contact list. Very important for when we start to acquire event sponsorship.”

Jones said they also used event listing websites to promote the fight. “When listing an event, I find that listing it too early is not as beneficial as you may think,” she said. “People see the event early on, and think ‘Oh I’d like to go to that,’ they tick ‘Attending,’ then they forget about the event entirely by the time the event comes around. List events early, but the week before the event, change up and charge up the pictures and and copy.”

So how did the event go? “It went ‘amazingly’ in the words of our crew, wrestlers and event attendees,” said Jones. “The best part was doing a head count at the end of the night. 83 event attendees. Half being people that had free passes…We want people to fall in love with us and get them addicted to our brand. It will pay off one day, we just have to keep going.”

“Purchasing physical tickets from somewhere…is a very good idea.,” said Jones. “…We have made our own tickets in the past, made them on special kind of card stock but we have had counterfeit tickets come through our doors before. Not good at all. Physical tickets look professional, make your event more fancy and important looking, and they are so easy to post or hand out to people. It’s a tangible transaction, and gives attendees a souvenir of their experience.”

Jones said that prioritizing is also a good idea. “For the sole event manager like myself, you will wear so many hats and do many jobs pre, during and post show,” she said. “Make lists of all kinds, keep them, review them and update them regularly. Test test test your ad copywriting. Delegate as much as you can to your crew at the event and make sure you show them you are appreciative of their help, because you will need them to come back and help you over and over again too. At our events, most of the crew are volunteer helpers that enjoy professional wrestling themselves.” Lastly, Jones said that budgeting correctly is key. “Putting your budget towards services like DJs and lighting is stress free and creates a better experience for your audience.”

“I’m a young female entrepreneur of only 23 years old. I work in a male dominated industry, so managing and organising events is a hard job,” she added. “I am always learning something valuable. But as a business owner I understand that jumping in the deep end, investing in things like tickets, is a risk. I have to get the job done though and I have faith that the payback will be great.”

You can learn more about Maniacs United at their website.

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