Event of the Week: Breast Cancer Foundation Dinner


Two Young Girls Plan Breast Cancer Foundation Dinner

The 25th of March’s Breast Cancer Foundation Dinner, an event to bring awareness (and much-needed funds) toward breast cancer research, featured a ton of great prizes and fun for all in attendance. The event was also created by two young people who felt the urge to give back.

“This event was actually organised by my 15-year-old daughter Taylah and her friend Robyn,” said Simone Clark of Event Perfection and DIY Lolly Buffet. “They are studying event management at school and wanted to create a real event rather than a fictitious one and raise some funds for a great cause.”

To get the word out, the girls initially went the electronic route. “The girls created a Facebook page and had their parents and friends share the page,” said Clark. “Word of mouth ended up being the best form of promotion for the event.  We did put some flyers around the local community also. The girls approached businesses to donate items and many of those businesses also purchased tables to come to the event.”

Taylah and Robin’s efforts went extremely far. In fact, they went further than the girls originally anticipated. “They organised a sit down dinner at a local golf club and canvassed local businesses to donate items to an auction on the evening,” said Clark. “They anticipated having 60 guests attend and in the end had to stop selling tickets when they reached 125 guests as the venue could not accommodate any more guests. They had over 35 businesses donate items for their auction and raffle, as well as DJ, photobooth, lolly buffet and décor.”

The fact that the girls had a surplus of guests attending, you can tell that the event was a huge success. “They had budgeted to raise $1800 profit and in the end raised over $6500 profit with guests all in agreement that the girls should make the event an annual one,” she said. “veryone comment on the professionalism in which the event was run.”

The auction itself was a stellar part of the event. “The auction was a huge success, the auctioneer (a friend of ours) was the MC and auctioneer and really engaged the crowd,” said Clark. “No items went unsold and many sold for double their retail price.” The photobooth and lolly buffet were also big draws. “The photobooth and lolly buffet were a great success at getting people out of their seat and engaging with others and adding to the atmosphere of the evening,” she said.

If you need some advice on getting your event off the ground, Clark said to plan in advance. “Plan early!” she said. “The girls organised this whole event in less than eight weeks from conception to the event date. They achieved so much success in a short space of time, but were constantly working on the event after school and weekends.”

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