Event of the Week: Cantik Disco Party


Cantik Disco Party Gives Kids a Fun Day of Music, Dance and Treats

Cantik Models & Performance gave the kids of Ellenbrook, WA a fun day of music and dancing at the Cantik Disco Party. The party, which took place the 10th of May, surely created some fun memories for the local children.

Raylee-jo Sinclair of Cantik Models talked more about the event. “We held a free disco for the children in our area,” she said. “e gave away 100 tickets and had 70 local kids attend our disco! It was lots of fun! We had a Photobooth, lolly buffet, pizza and soft drinks and lots of fun games for the kids to play.”

The party was advertised primarily through Facebook. Seeing how many children use Facebook to talk to friends and spread important news, it makes sense that Facebook was the promotional tool of choice.

The party is one of the many ways Cantik Models & Performance has strengthened their relationship with Ellenbrook and the other suburbs of Perth. The company is a modeling, drama and dance school based in Perth. As its site states, the school “…provide weekly classes, as well as school holiday workshops, school workshops, parade coordination, makeup and styling and suppl models for fashion parades, photo shoots, catalogues, commercials, showings and promotional work.”

Modeling, dance and drama lessons have enriched the lives of many children, but lessons to hone these talents can be expensive. “We thought it was time there was a place that provided modelling, grooming and deportment lessons that were accessible and affordable for everyone,” states the site. “Our modelling courses cover all aspects of modelling, grooming and deportment and all classes are age specific. Classes are available for children as young as .”

The party Cantik Models & Performance threw was a huge success. “ fantastic!” said Sinclair. “We were very happy! …We’ve had a few enrolments for my modelling school and about 5 party bookings from it, which is another service we offer!”

The best part of the event for Sinclair was seeing the happy kids. “Seeing 70 kids smiling and having a ball ,” she said, as well as “…hearing kids walk out while telling their parents “that was the best night ever!”

If you’re planning an event similar to this one, Sinclair said organisation is key. “Be organised, be friendly and approachable, and most of all, have fun!” she said. “I’ve always found that they are the most important things when working with children. arents need to trust you.”

You can learn more about Cantik Models & Performance at its website.

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