Event of the Week: Hurricanes & Black Dog


Hurricane’s Grill and The Black Dog Institute Raise Money and Awareness for Mental Health

The Black Dog Institute teamed with the Hurricane’s Grill team at Waterloo, Darling Harbour and Brighton le Sands for the Hurricane’s Suicide Prevention and Depression Awareness Day to raise money for a special cause.

“On the 2nd May we held a fundraiser for The Black Dog Institute to raise funds as well as get awareness for this amazing organisation,” said Laura Goldberg, part of the marketing team for Hurricane’s Grill, a brand known throughout Australia and around the world. The Black Dog Institute is, according to its website, “a world leader in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.”

The raffle included cool prizes such as two tickets to 17th July’s St. George vs. Cowboys game, a Samsung Galaxy tablet, a personalized canvas print and many more. The winner was drawn the 5th May.

To promote the event, Hurricanes used many different outlets to much success. “We used various platforms to promote the event, these included Facebook, Instagram, In store print outs as well as Radio,” said Goldberg. “We feel that Facebook was the biggest tool for us. We were able to reach a large audience through paid promos on social media.”

The key to success was the staff’s hard work. “I feel it was our staff’s involvement and enthusiasm in selling the raffle tickets,” she said. “The highlight was seeing how many people gave money and were genuinely interested in finding out about this organisation.”

According to The Black Dog Institute ’s blog, Hurricane’s Grill was able to raise a huge amount of money for their cause—$7,400 to be exact. With that amount of money and community support, it’s easy to see that the event was a great success.

If you are developing your own raffle for a special cause or organisation, Goldberg says to not procrastinate. “Don’t leave things to the last minute and make sure all your staff are briefed accordingly,” she said. She also advised using online ticketing for your raffle ticket needs. Online ticketing is great if you want fast, timely service without a lot of hassle.

You can learn more about The Black Dog Institute by visiting their website or by going to the institute’s Facebook page. You can also learn more about Hurricanes at its website and Facebook page.

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