Event of the Week: Movie Night!


Auckland Choral View The Hundred-Foot Journey in Style at The Bridgeway

Auckland Choral had great movie night the 14th of August. Choir members took in a screening of the new film, The Hundred-Foot Journey, starring Helen Mirren, Manish Dayal, Om Puri, and Charlotte Le Bon. The film focuses on food, culture, and class as an Indian culinary genius and his family are displaced from their native India to the southern French village Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. The family’s decision to open a restaurant brings them in contact with Mirren’s character, Madame Mallory, who owns a classical French restaurant.

Choir members watched the film at The Bridgeway, an 18-seat boutique theater that has been described, according to its website, as one of Auckland’s “best and most vibrant arthouse cinemas.” The theater also served as the meeting place for the members to take in food and drink.

Auckland Choral is proud to be Auckland’s only symphonic choir. The choir was established in 1855 and has performed, as its website states, “classic choral works as well as exciting contemporary compositions, including New Zealand premieres, alongside some of our finest soloists and orchestras.”

Under the direction of music director Professor Uwe Grodd, Auckland Choral brings together people from different ages and backgrounds to create a united musical front. The choir regularly recruits new members; candidates can audition through rehearsals and a preliminary voice check. Year 12 or Year 13 students can participate in the Young Singers Programme, which has 16 places during each concert for secondary school singers to perform with the choir. The choir also helps young musicians with the Peter Gibbons Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship for vocal performance students who aim to make music their career will provide ample symphonic choir experience to prepare them for life ahead.

Anna Bassett of Auckland Choral described the event as a fun night for choir members to spend watching the Helen Mirren film. In fact, to quote her, she wrote that the entire night was “lovely.”

“It went very well and everyone had a great time,” she wrote. “Simple and fun. And easy to organise.”  To promote the event, the rehearsals came into play. “For marketing we just made announcements at weekly rehearsals, nothing more,” she wrote.

Some of what made the promotion easy was the use of online ticketing, with Bassett citing that using online tickets was “quick, easy, cheap and efficient.”

Have you been inspired to treat your group or organization to an intimate get-together?

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