Event of the Week: Newcastle Stake Fair and Bushdance


The Newcastle Stake Fair and Bushdance gave Newcastle Stake members a fun day with races, farm animals and fair food. The fair, which took place the 19th of July, also proved to be an opportunity to spread the beliefs held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. “With over 600 people coming through the showground gates, the day proved to be not only a fun family day, but a great missionary opportunity—with friends, neighbours and relatives of members also attending,” states the Pacific Area website for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Grant Hamilton, part of LDS Church Newcastle, talked more about the event. “It was a church family fete and bushdance that involved various games, rides, dinner and bushdance featuring a live bush band,” he said. According to the website, the event also featured “sack races, tractor hay-rides, a jumping castle, and farmyard petting zoo—complete with lambs, a calf, Shetland pony and fluro coloured chickens[.]” There was also a mechanical bull, a string-donut eating competition, big foot race, fairy floss, popcorn, a chess exhibition, and a tractor pull were also part of the festivities.

To promote the event, Hamilton said that the stake used tickets, flyers, and other promotional items. “We produced a number of flyers, brochures, posters and the entry tickets over a period of a few months that were distributed to our congregations leading up to the event,” said Hamilton. “The event was for members and their invited guests.” The Stake Activities Committee also wanted to invite the local community groups, states the website, leading to the Newcastle District Chess Association headlining the chess exhibition.

The event was a success, despite some outside factors. “It went well except for the wet weather we experienced during the morning,” said Hamilton. “This kept some of the crowds away but still ended up with a good crowd for the event to be successful.”

The best part of the event was, “Seeing the families coming together and enjoying the activities and bush dance,” he said. “The mechanical bull and mechanical surfboard was popular but so was the tractor/hay ride.”

If you’re planning a fair for your church or organisation, Hamilton says to get dependable helpers. “Get a lot of helpers who are reliable and capable of accepting, reporting and following through on assignments,” he said.

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