Event of the Week: Roller Derby Carnevil


The Devil State Derby League Thrill Audience with the Roller Derby Carnevil

Halloween might have passed, but the Devil State Derby League had a few more scares and frights under their sleeves with their Roller Derby Carnevil, held the 8th of November.

The Tasmania-based roller derby team’s event was their “annual themed bout,” wrote Emma Allen. “This year we went with an evil carnival theme,” she wrote.

The themed event highlights the fun atmosphere the roller derby revels in. According to the official site, the Devil State Derby League is the second roller derby league to come to Launceston, Tasmania. The team lives by inclusivity and an optimistic outlook. The motto the team lives by is “having fun and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.”

“e love, we laugh and we play hard…on and off the track,” states the team’s site. “So, if you like laughing at bodily functions and learning new things—maybe you should give the Devils a call and join the derby love.”

To promote the Roller Derby Carnevil, the Devil State Derby League went with the online approach and also included some physical advertising. “We mostly just advertised on Facebook and with posters at various spots around our city,” wrote Allen.

Allen stated that crowd numbers were “lower than normal,” but the tactics the team used were sound. Not only is a combination of physical and online promotion effective and can generate an ample amount of buzz, but Facebook promotion itself can be potent into today’s social media-conscious world. As Just Creative states, Facebook is the second most trafficked site globally, with Google being its only competition. Utilizing that kind of platform by garnering quality fans and taking advantage of Facebook’s promotional tools (or even just using the status bar—which is free) will give your event a much higher rate of success.

Even with a smaller audience than usual, the Roller Derby Carnevil went very well. “The teams really had a fun time competing against one another,” wrote Allen. “e also had some special half time entertainment.”

If you’re in the process of building your own roller derby event, Allen wrote that planning and promotion is very important, so spend a lot of time on your strategy. “Plan and get your event out there,” she wrote. “ lots of different avenues of advertising would work better.”

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