Front Row Foundation Gives Recipients the VIP Treatment


Stickers Offer Hope, Inspiration 

Front Row Foundation allows those facing tough situations have the times of their lives. The 501-c3 charity helps people who are battling life-threatening illnesses experience a “Front Row” life by taking them to the live event of their dreams with the VIP treatment.

Kaile Monroe of Front Row Foundation talked more about the foundation. “Front Row Foundation was founded in 2005, coincidentally by total accident. Jon Vroman (Co-Founder/Executive Director) was sitting in the nosebleed section during a Jason Mraz concert, and as he watched the concert from afar, he became fascinated with the ‘Front Row,’” she said. “He wondered how one got those tickets, he was fascinated at the energy level present down there, and he craved to experience it for himself. It was after that concert that Jon Vroman decided he wanted 2 things: 1) to live a “Front Row” life and 2) to help others do the same.”

Monroe said the company is excited about giving participants experiences that will make life a little easier amid horrific battles. “We thrive to help people become participants of their own life – taking a Front Row seat with all that it entails. And we are passionate about paying it forward, appreciating generosity, and showering others in love,” said Monroe. “To date we’ve created just short of 60 events. And all the money fundraised has gone directly to support our charity’s mission.”

Monroe stated that the non-profit is currently established in the United States and Canada, but the ultimate goal is to be a global phenomenon. “Imagine a day in the future where at every live performance across the world, there’s an individual sitting in the Front Row, sent by the Front Row Foundation,” she said. “We create a little over a dozen Front Row experiences each year and strive to serve more, but are unwilling to compromise our quality for quantity.  Each event typically entails several months and 60+ man-hours of work and planning. We also rely heavily on the hundreds of volunteers who come together to assist our very tiny staff.  There are many hands that go into making magic happen.” The message Front Row wants to send to the world is that “helping others is the best way to help ourselves. We believe one of the most powerful ways to live your life in the Front Row (AKA to the fullest) is by getting involved in a way that help others to live their life in the Front Row, too.”

Believe it or not, custom stickers are part of what helps Front Row Foundation with their goals. “We use our stickers for a variety of things,” said Monroe. “We send ‘Congratulation Packages’ to recipients when we tell them they’ve been chosen as a recipient and will be seeing the live event of their dreams from the Front Row. That package always contains stickers for the recipient and all family members/people attending the event with them. We always include a sticker in our “thank you” cards and letters that we send to our supporters.  We use the stickers to personalize all contents in the ‘After-Event Package’ that we sent to our recipients. This includes things like a customized photobook from their event, DVD of professionally taken/edited photos & a professional recap video, etc. We send large quantities of stickers to our corporate & business sponsors who fundraise to help create Front Row events. They love using the stickers as recognition for individuals that raise the most funds.

As for a favorite event, Monroe said it’s difficult to choose. “It’s hard to pick between such iconic individuals & well known groups; Ellen DeGeneres, NASCAR, Bon Jovi, Wicked Musical, NFL/NBA games… But the events that always stick out are the ones where the recipient is completely inundated with love, experiencing things they’ve never experienced before. It’s those events that are my favorite.”

If you want to create an organization to help others but don’t know where to start, Monroe has some advice. “There’s always lots of details and administrative stuff that need to be handled when starting something new,” she said. “But at the end of the day, I believe it boils down to something much simpler. As a staff member for a charity that was founded unintentionally, my advice would be to listen to your heart & get the word out. When we hold community events and allow great people to connect with other great people, our charity experiences remarkable things.”

To learn more about the organization, take a look at a recipient video, visit the organization’s site and follow them on Facebook.

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