Fundraising Success


Your charitable organisation could always benefit from a little extra cash flow. There are plenty of ways to raise money, but when your group is trying to save it, you’ll want to choose a fundraiser that maximizes the profit of your special efforts. Raffles or Prize Draws are an excellent way to rake in funds for your group’s important projects and events. Choose a prize, pick a promotional strategy that works and you’re fundraiser is sure to be a success.

Eventgroove can put you on the right track with a full range of Event Kits that match your particular cause. With hundreds of customisable designs to choose from, you’ll find what you need. Advertise with confidence with our colourful custom printed Posters and Flyers. Let guests know about your event with our Invitations. Keep your event secure with our securely numbered Raffle Tickets. Browse our gallery where your fundraising success begins!

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