MDBA’s Defibrillator Raffle Helps Basketball Club Gain Life-Saving Equipment


Basketball Club Supports Basketball Lovers of Mornington, Victoria

The basketball club of Mornington, Victoria are on their way to getting a life-saving defibrillator. The Mornington District Basketball Association (MDBA) held a defibrillator raffle. The club had several prizes to give away, and three lucky winners won the first, second, and third prizes during the halftime of the Big V Women’s Game the 22nd of June

The MDBA came to be due to the lack of a proper basketball team for the Mornington area. According to the association’s website, the MDBA was created toward the end of 1991 in order to serve the Mornington community. The MDBA has grown to the point that it will soon be in need to expand its current three courts and facilities.

Jennie Solis of the MDBA talked more about the purpose of the raffle.

“We belong to a local Basketball club who are currently without a defibrillator and thought it was important to raise money for one and enough for training for 20 people actively involved in the club,” said Solis. “After sourcing excellent quotes we thought a raffle that involved the whole club would be the better, quick option.”

To get the word out about the raffle, Solis said online and physical promotion was used.
“Each Team Manager was emailed a flier and many emails sent around with fliers also up around the stadium,” she said.

The event was hugely successful. “We raised enough money for both which we were very happy about,” she said. A great idea came from one of the doorkeepers which I would suggest. Usually it is free to enter the Stadium on domestic games but the last week of the raffle it was finals week, and each adult pays a $2.00 entry fee. his fee went to the raffle and adults were given a raffle ticket upon paying their $2.00. This got the amount over the line and raised awareness that the club were going to purchase a defib and training.”

If there’s one piece of advice Solis would give when planning an event similar to the defibrillator raffle is to have enough time to plan. “We had to move quickly when doing the event so didn’t get time to really plan but would definitely put in a plan next time,” she said.

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