Plant a Tree!


National Tree day is just around the corner! What a perfect time to host an environmentally minded fundraiser or gathering. Whether your organisation is looking to raise money to fund its environmental programs or you just want to raise awareness about sustainable living among friends, family, and neighbors, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. Organise a tree planting of your own, and bring your community together to do some green minded good and discuss important topics such as deforestation and pollution.

To share your event with others, consider promotional materials from Eventgroove. We have plenty of Event Tickets, Flyers, Posters and Invitations featuring natural and environmental themes that are sure to appeal to your audience. Ensure a high profile for your event and a high attendance when you advertise it well. The first step to real action is to engage your community. When your attendees participate in your green event, they’ll feel good about themselves and the planet will feel a little better, too!

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