Promote Your Organisation or Group with Melbourne Cup Day


The Melbourne Cup, one of Melbourne’s biggest events, has come and gone. Historically, the derby has taken hold of Australia and New Zealand’s imagination so much that Melbourne celebrates a holiday dedicated to the sporting event, Melbourne Cup Day. But, just because the day is over doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about next year’s Melbourne Cup and how you can utilise it your advantage. There will be tons of parties and fancy dress contests, and you can capitalise on the festivities by creating and hosting a Melbourne Cup Day-themed promotional event for your business or organisation. Below are some ideas you could use as inspiration for your event preparations.

Melbourne Cup Day raffle baskets: Raffle baskets are popular prizes for events, and creating a Melbourne Cup Day themed raffle basket is not only easier than it might appear, it’s also a way to provide the winner with a touch of the lush life.

When you’re thinking of prizes for your Melbourne Cup Day raffle, think luxury.  A bottle of champagne or sparkling wine, exotic cheeses and bonbons or dark chocolates, and other boutique food items could be great additions to your themed gift basket. Or, your basket could be full of a variety of roses, flowers that you just might see at the Melbourne Cup. You could also go the quirkier route and use a huge flower pot “cup” as your basket, and fill that cup with teas, cocoa, honey, and other types of warm, indulgent drinks and sweeteners.

Melbourne Cup drawing: Holding a drawing will keep your guests engaged throughout your party. As the site Weekend Notes states, one activity that is a shoo-in for Melbourne Cup Day is a sweepstakes, since everyone will want to see if their guesses on which horse and jockey will win are correct. Write down the names of the horses competing and have your guests pick their favorites. After the race, the winners receive prizes, which could be small trinkets, gift certificates or gift cards, or any kind of prize you feel fits your party.

Melbourne Cup fashion contest: The Melbourne Cup is known for its fashion, especially its extravagant hats. One way to bring that fashionable element to your party is to have your guests show up according to a fancy dress code (stress that an opportunity to win a prize for Best Dressed is at stake). Towards the end of the party, choose your winner for Best Dressed Man and Best Dressed Woman.

What ways would you celebrate Melbourne Cup Day?

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