Raffle of the Week: Mother’s Day Luncheon


The Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation Holds Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon

A Mother’s Day celebration was also a day to help medical research in Australia. The Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation held their 2nd Annual Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation Mother’s Day Luncheon on the 8th of May. “The event was a huge success as we sold out the last two years,” said Sue Le Fevre, who works as administration for the foundation.

According to the foundation’s website, more than 350 guests attended the luncheon at Leonda on the Yarra. The luncheon had a guest speaker, Dr. Fiona Wood, who gave special address to the assembly, and also raised funds to help women in research at St. Vincent’s Institute. The site stated that this year’s recipient was Dr. Sophie Broughton.

“The proceeds will allow Sophie to spend precious time with her newborn while research into structural biology and leukaemia continues,” wrote Susan Alberti AO on the foundation’s website.

The Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation (SAMRF) is an organisation chaired by Alberti and is dedicated to raising funds for medical research through their annual fundraising events including their annual Gala Ball, which has occurred in Melbourne for almost 30 years.

According to the website, the foundation is supported by an esteemed Board of Directors skilled in business and finance skills, volunteers, and supporters who are intent on helping Australia’s medical research community. Since the creation of the foundation, it has raised millions of dollars to go towards medical research.

Alberti herself has donated millions of dollars to research and other charities, cementing her status as one of Australia’s most illustrious philanthropists. According to her biography, Alberti developed a passion for medical research when her daughter Danielle was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Unfortunately, Danielle passed away due to complications from her disease. After losing her daughter, Alberti’s mission became raising money for prevention, treatment, and a cure for Type 1 diabetes. Eventually, this gave way to an overall interest in medical research.

Part of what made the luncheon a success was the use of online tickets. “ very easy and very affordable,” said Le Fevre. “ith providing our guests with clearly numbered tickets, removes the confusion of using the generic coloured/number tickets.   makes the event look more professional.”

You can learn more about the Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation at their website and Facebook page.

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