Raffle of the Week: Amelia’s Vision Charity Trust


Amelia’s Vision Charity Trust Raises Funds and Awareness for Childhood Vision Impairment with Raffle Night

Amelia’s Vision Charity Trust had a great night with friends and supporters during the Amelia’s Vision Charity Trust Night Major Raffle. The event, which took place the 19th of July at the Gallipoli Legion Club in Hamilton, NSW, helped support a great cause that aims to help children who suffer from severe visual impairments.

Amelia’s Vision Charity Trust was inspired by a little girl named Amelia who was born with significant visual handicaps, including “profound visual impairment, microcephaly, agenesis of the corpus callosum and has persistent focal and abnormal epileptic activity in the left occipital region,” states the charity’s website. Amelia also suffers from asymmetry of her brain stem and another part of her brain, the pons, is small. “Amelia’s visual acuity is 2/60,” states the trust. “Theoretically this means Amelia can see at metres what an adult without vision impairment can see at 60 metres.”

The fund raises money for Amelia and other children who suffer from similar conditions. The money raised also goes on to benefit charities similar to Amelia’s Vision Charity Trust. “100 of the monies raised go towards things such as ongoing care, equipment, education the support of children like Amelia and their families.”

“Amelia’s condition is ‘world rare’ with only a few cases in the world!” wrote Lisa Cater, the honorary secretary for Amelia’s Vision Charity Trust. “This fundraiser was to assist the family to purchase a wheel chair access vehicle.”

The raffle, which Cater wrote was promoted through word of mouth, flyers and the trust’s website, had a great turnout. “ extremely successful, the fundraising was excellent and the feedback sheets very positive,” she wrote. “… good night had by all.”

Some of the attendees even went a step further with their contributions. “Some attendees spontaneously decided to shave their heads for a donation!” Cater wrote.

There are a lot of suggestions that could be given to those of you who are working on your own raffles or charity events, but the most-repeated bit of advice is to be organized and plan well in advance. Cater reiterates this advice, stating that those planning similar raffles should have a list of actions that must be completed and to start planning your event as early as possible.

You can learn more about Amelia’s Vision and how you can contribute to the trust at its website.

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