Raffle of the Week: Family Fun Day


Trinity Preschool Orange Inc.’s Family Fun Day Features Raffle with Amazing Prizes

Orange, NSW’s Trinity Preschool Orange Inc. celebrated family togetherness with a Family Fun Day. The day had tons to offer everyone in attendance. “It was a lovely day with cake stall, white elephant, lucky dips, crazy hair & nails, BBQ , drinks & food and rides,” wrote Julie McCauley of Trinity Preschool.

During the event, held the 17th of September, the school held a raffle with some amazing prizes at stake. Guests at the Family Fun Day were eligible to win a Sydney Weekend with accommodations and dinner, a table for six at the Orange Racing Melbourne Cup Day, a dozen bottles of wine and a voucher for Robin Hood, a Lavendilli-Blue lunch and gift basket, and an angle grinder and golf lessons at Wentworth.

Family is at the focus of Trinity Preschool; the preschool is community-based and caters to 80 children per day. According to the preschool’s website, the facility has four classrooms available for 20 children each, who are grouped by age. Each room is headed by a university-trained early childhood teacher and qualified educators. Children with disabilities are also given the support they need thanks to trained staff members.

“We value play as being the most valuable context in which children learn both cognitively and socially, and we recognize that rich play experiences can lay a strong foundation for the years ahead including helping the child to become a confident learner,” states the preschool’s site. The Family Fun Day supported these sentiments.

To promote the day, McCauley wrote that flyers were given to new and existing parents as well as to the community at large.

The day was, as McCauley wrote, “onderful.” “un had by all,” she wrote. “The children had fun and we raised a good amount of money.”

Are you planning a similar day like Trinity Preschool’s Family Fun Day? McCauley wrote that working early will get your event on the right track. “Get raffle tickets out nice and earlier, get commitment for good prizes and promote the businesses who sponsored the event,” she wrote. “Always keep a raffle register to comply with regulations and also to contact people who need to return them. Try and hold events that may interest different ages.”

Are you working on a family day event for your school or organisation?

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