Raffle of the Week: Koko Fit Easter Raffle


Koko Fit Easter Raffle Helps Group Meet Fitness Goals

A group of fitness-minded individuals decided to up their fitness game by holding a Koko Fit Easter Raffle the 19th of April. The raffle, which was held at the Mernda Village Park in Mernda, Victoria, was created to fundraise money for fitness projects. “We wanted to fundraise money to cover registration for events and cover challenge break-ups,” said Gina Taupau.

There were three different prizes for the winners of the raffle. First place received a jumbo hamper value at one hundred dollars, second place received a hamper valued at fifty dollars, and last but not least, third place received a hamper at a value of thirty dollars. To get the word out about the raffle, Taupau said that members of Koko Fit came together to bring in guests by taking a few of the company books and passing them out to their own circles.

For those who don’t know what Koko Fit is, it is the first digital gym! This idea was created by married couple Mike Lannon and Mary Obana. They wanted to take out the old ideas of gyms and bring them to the twenty-first century. Before coming up with the idea of Koko Fit, they went to regular gyms to exercise and were not happy with their experience. The gym was filled with distractions and the workouts were too time consuming and unimpressive and the results of their workouts were not the best. Through their dissatisfaction, they decided to bring a change to the idea of gym workouts. With a little help from designers and engineers, the Koko Smartrainer, the first strength machine to harness today’s digital technology, was created.

In 2007 the first Koko Fit gym opened in Maryland and now, many more are popping up all across America and overseas. The Koko Fit gym is a new experience—there are no distractions or excessive bodybuilders, only silence. People can come into the studio, complete their workouts which are short and completely tailored on the person’s own needs and goals and be out the door within 45 minutes.

With the help of all of the members of KoKo Fit and other prospective people the raffle was an overall success. “ 100 percent success rate selling all our tickets,” said Taupau. “People purchasing the tickets were impressed with how they looked.”

If you’re curious on how to make your event as wonderful as the KoKo Fit Easter Raffle to benefit your organization, make sure to make your tickets and your event look as professional as possible. “ worth spending money on tickets to make the event look professional and legitimate,” said Taupau.

Are you setting up a raffle for your group? Talk about it in the comments section below.

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